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In light of the outbreak of COVID-19, my office is closed until it is safe and responsible to re-open. Though I am not currently doing hands-on work, I am gathering research, best practice procedures, updated office supplies, and I am working with trusted massage and bodywork organizations and mentors to plan for eventual re-opening, whenever that may be.

GIFT CERTIFICATES are available for purchase. They don’t expire, and they’re a great way to support my business now and to treat yourself once it’s safe to return to my massage table.

**I have created some self-manual lymphatic drainage videos, so that those clients with lymphedema or other types of swelling have a way to perform some self-care: UPPER EXTREMITY, LOWER EXTREMITY, and HEAD AND NECK. I’ve also created a video about SELF-SCAR MASSAGE if you’re dealing with tightness or discomfort related to scar tissue. Please contact me with questions, or I am also available as a virtual coach via Zoom if you would like customized instruction, since everyone’s bodies, everyone’s swelling, everyone’s scars can be different, and modifications can be made to accommodate your individual needs.**

Stay well, everyone. I very much miss doing the work that I love so much during a difficult time for all of us. I’m hoping that this time goes as smoothly as it can for you and your loved ones, and I am very much looking forward to re-opening and taking part in helping our community heal.


Whether you’re seeking manual lymphatic drainage, oncology massage, breast cancer rehabilitation, scar tissue mobilization, or a relaxing therapeutic massage, I have a treatment plan that’s the right touch for you.

I use a unique and eclectic blend of myofascial and Swedish massage, and lymphatic drainage. My work is gentle, very slow and deliberate, fluid and flowing, and is deeply relaxing.

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You are welcome to call or email, but you can also book a massage online! Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

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Pay It Forward

Touch of Kindness is a pay-it-forward fund to help people with cancer, cancer history, or lymphedema receive reduced- or no-cost massage. The fund currently contains:


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what people say about megan

Megan has been my go-to massage therapist for years now to de-stress as well as for a variety of health issues. She is amazing when it comes to alleviating muscle pain or any other discomfort you are experiencing at the time of each appointment. Megan has a depth of knowledge in oncology massage and lymphedema and has helped me with lymph drainage massage in the past. Sometimes I just see her for a relaxing massage, although I appreciate all of her technical skill. Thanks for your ongoing help, Megan!


A few years back, I injured my shoulder which required physical therapy. Once PT was completed, my therapist recommended massage to continue the healing process. I was hesitant because my previous experience with massage was not great, but I was ready to give it another chance and found my way to Megan. She put me at ease and listened to my concerns from the start. We continue to meet regularly even though my shoulder is back to normal. I trust her expertise, dedication to her specialty and her personal approach. She helps me to navigate the health of my whole body and mind.


Megan is the best! Personal treatment every time, and she really knows her stuff.


If you are looking for a compassionate massage therapist with lots of clinical experience (including oncology massage and lymphatic drainage), Megan is the one. No need to look further. She is one of few massage therapists I recommend in the Worcester area.


Megan has a gift: a natural ability to know what your muscles require to be done to them.

- C.O.

Educational Cartoons

Under Your Skin

I’d like to thank Dr. Dhruv Singhal, Director of Lymphatic Surgery at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center here in Boston, for sharing his brilliant “train” analogy for lymphedema and for his collaboration in making this latest cartoon happen. What started as a fun cartoon for the Under Your Skin section of my Web site, has evolved into a new eBook published by the Lymphatic Education and Research Network.  You can read the whole book online here including the foreword written by Kathy Bates!

Self Care


  • Self-Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Head and Neck
    Self Care
  • Self-Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Leg/Lower Extremity
    Self Care
  • Self-Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Arm/Upper Extremity
    Self Care
  • Self-Scar Massage (and How Scars Are Formed)
    Self Care